Pentagon Stops Obama’s Military Transgender Agenda – Do You Support This Move?

Native Obama’s reputation for prominent and fruitful strategies and motivation things is decreasing with each passing day.

From his flag accomplishment of the Unaffordable Care Act to his blockage of the Keystone Pipeline for near eight years, the Legacy he’d would have liked to secure under a Queen Hillary has vanished piecemeal.

One of his terribly disagreeable Leftist motivation missions was to coercively feed transgenderism acknowledgment down America’s throats.

This is doubly concerning when we’re discussing our country’s security; i.e., the military.

In any case, once more, nothing about Obama’s heritage is sheltered, including this especially flawed thing, which simply experienced one noteworthy political obstacle.

“The Secretary of Defense has solidified a choice by previous President Barack Obama to enlist transgender officers this year, and another survey demonstrates the arranged enrollment solidify is exceptionally prominent.

Two of each three swing voters say the Pentagon ought to put off plans to acknowledge “transgender” individuals who are attempting to live as individuals from the inverse sex, as per the new survey by Rasmussen Reports.

The six-month deferral will energize and enable rivals to campaign against Obama’s star transgender approach.