OPINION : France Chooses Suicide, Surrenders to Jihad Waged Against Them

The French have decided not to resist the jihad that is being waged against them with ever greater ferocity and chose to vote itself out of existence.

Lights out for France. The French have picked not to be so “supremacist” and “Islamophobic” as to oppose the jihad that is being pursued against them with ever more prominent fierceness. Europe in general, too, seems, by all accounts, to be in any way ready to settle on a similar decision, and vote itself out of presence. And after that it will be America’s turn.

“Triumph for the youthful, genius EU moderate will be welcomed with alleviation in key European capitals,” yes, and with despondency among the individuals who have set out to appreciate the expectation that the West would make a last remain for flexibility. Rather, the French have voted overwhelmingly for the recommendation that to protect one’s country and culture is “narrow-minded.” And so average French individuals won’t guard these things, and all will be well, and all way of thing will be well, until the last jihadist cutting edge separates the last French non-biased person’s head from his neck.

Macron won 65.1 for every penny, as indicated by a projection reported by France 2 TV at 8pm French time (7pm Irish time) on Sunday, with Le Pen trailing on 34.9 for each penny. Turnout was assessed at 74 for every penny, the most minimal in the second round of a French presidential decision since 1969.

Triumph for the youthful, professional EU globalist has been welcomed with help in key European capitals. Macron, who filled in as economy priest under president François Hollande from 2014-2016, situated himself as a monetary and social liberal, as a backer of organized commerce and European multiculturalism.

Macron is not a supporter of psychological warfare or Islamism. It is more terrible: he doesn’t consider it to be a danger. In the wake of the horrifying assaults of November 13, 2015 in Paris, Macron said that French society must accept a “share of duty” in the “dirt in which jihadism flourishes.”

“Somebody, on the guise that he has a facial hair or a name we could accept is Muslim, is four times more averse to have a vocation than another who is non-Muslim,” he included. Originating from the bearing of Syria and equipped with a Kalashnikov and a belt of explosives would, as per him, be a motion of disdain from the long haul unemployed?

Macron verges on blaming the French for being racists and “Islamophobes”. “We have a share of obligation,” he cautioned, “in light of the fact that this totalitarianism encourages on the doubt that we have permitted to settle in the public arena… . also, if tomorrow we don’t fare thee well, it will separate them significantly more “.

Therefore, Macron stated, French society “must change and be more open.” More open to what? To Islam, obviously.

On April 20, 2017, after an Islamist psychological militant murdered one cop and injured two others in Paris, Macron stated: “I am not going to concoct a hostile to fear monger program in one night”. Following two years of constant fear based oppressor assaults on French region, the presidential applicant said he had not considered the nation’s security issues?

In addition, on April 6, amid the presidential battle, educator Barbara Lefebvre, who has wrote books on Islamism, uncovered to the gathering of people of the France2 TV program L’Emission Politique, the nearness on Macron’s crusade group of Mohamed Saou. It was Saou, clearly, a departmental administrator of Macron’s political development, “En Marche” (“Forward”), who advanced on Twitter the great Islamist articulation: “I am not Charlie”.

Detecting a potential outrage, Macron expelled Saou, yet on April 14, welcomed onto Beur FM, a Muslim French radio station, Macron was found saying on a “hot mic” (trusting himself off the air): “He [Saou] did two or three things a smidgen radical. Be that as it may, in any case, Mohamed is a decent person, a great person”.

“Good,” probably, in light of the fact that Mohamed Saou was attempting to rally Muslim voters to Macron.

Is Saou a secluded case? Obviously not. On April 28, Mohamed Louizi, writer of the book Why I Quit Muslim Brotherhood, discharged a definite article on Facebook that blamed Macron for being a “prisoner of the Islamist vote”. Republished by Dreuz, a Christian hostile to Islamist site, Louizi’s article gave names and dates, clarifying how Macron’s political development has to a great extent been penetrated by Muslim Brotherhood aggressors. It will enthusiasm to perceive what number of them will be applicants in Macron’s development in the following parliamentary races.

On April 24, the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF), for the most part known as the French illustrative of Muslim Brotherhood, openly approached Muslims to “vote against the xenophobic, hostile to Semitic and supremacist thoughts of the National Front and [we] call to hugely vote in favor of Mr. Macron.”


Is Macron an open promoter of Islamism in France? It is all the more politically right to state that he is a “globalist” and an “open promoter of multiculturalism”. In that capacity, he clearly does not look at Islamism as a national risk in light of the fact that, for him, the French country, or, as he has stated, French culture, does not by any stretch of the imagination exist.

Macron has, truth be told, denied that France is a nation with a particular culture, a particular history, and a particular writing or craftsmanship. On February 22, going by the French ostracizes in London, Macron stated: “French culture does not exist, there is a culture in France and it is assorted”. As such, on French domain, French culture and French customs have no conspicuousness or significance over imported transient societies. That day, in London, he rehashed the offense: “French workmanship? I never met it!”

Amid the presidential crusade, Macron was continually saying to individuals what they needed to listen.

Since he has won office, the French individuals are en route to finding that for Macron, having a place with a country, considering fringes and characterizing oneself as having a place with a mother dialect or a particular writing or workmanship, is just garbage.