OMG! Watch What Happens After Man Yells “Hillary For Prison” at Campaign Rally



We all know Hillary is a lifeless robot who is incapable of connecting with other human beings, and this video won’t help that image. (WATCH BELOW)

Here is what happened…

Hillary was walking on a rope line greeting people

A man yelled “Hillary For Prison” as she walks by

She responds with “Let’s Make it Happen!”

(oh yea she also makes a stupid face where you can’t tell if she is angry or happy…WATCH BELOW)

To be fair, she had a late night last night, so she could still be a little out of it today… She held a late-night press conference to address the NYC bombings and she looked tired, weak, off-balance, and was slurring her words. 

Maybe she had some drinks last night? Or she is just heavily medicated…

“Zombie Hillary” actually trended on twitter nationwide. Maybe she actually is a zombie?

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