OMG: After MSNBC Reporter Tried to Embarrass Trump, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

President Trump simply held a very foreseen Press Conference amid his visit to Poland. This at long last allowed him to react to their untruths, up close and personal.

The firecrackers began when a MSNBC columnist attempted to humiliate the President. She inquired as to whether he would “concede” that Russia meddled with our races. His reaction made her instantly think twice about it.

Trump brought up that the “17 intel offices” that as far as anyone knows affirmed Russia’s obstruction was in reality just THREE intel organizations. The New York Times needed to withdraw their unique story since it was a lie. Trump called attention to that these same organizations were 100% SURE that Iraq had weapons of mass devastation, and they weren’t right!

Be that as it may, this correspondent KEPT shouting at Trump and intruding on him, so he hit back hard and close her down unequivocally.

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At that point, Trump was gotten some information about CNN’s asserted extorting of the Trump supporter who made the interesting ace wrestling video. Trump’s reaction is EPIC!