Obama is only a BIG SINNER! This comrade doesn’t have faith in God, yet in any case he should go to him now since what will see beneath will make you abhor our previous President significantly more. More subtle elements uncovered from Obama’s messy past and you should not miss this:

Mia Marie Pope, who was a secondary school companion of Barack Obama (otherwise known as Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii amid the 1970s, says that Obama distinguished himself as a nonnative in secondary school and was known as a split smoking gay person, Western Journalism announced.

All News PipeLine had the chance of talking with a previous Barack Obama colleague, Mia Marie Pope, who knew Obama in the middle of the 1977-1979 years in Hawaii, where she guarantees he was a “habitual, obsessive liar” and, after its all said and done, alluding to him in the meeting underneath and past ones as “clinically crazy,” expressing he had a medication propensity as well as that he exchanged sex for drugs with a gay street pharmacist named “gay-Ray.” She dives into the fixing of Obama’s records and the reasons why “gofer Barry” doesn’t need people in general to see them.

Pope makes it clear that had she not trusted that Obama was truly wrecking America, we wouldn’t “have heard a peep” from her and that she has no political connection.

Mia likewise has a message to the military, law authorization, and “we the general population” who she reminds us are “the supervisor” since we pay the bills in Washington and that message is “don’t go along.” Mia trusts the “don’t consent” mantra could in all likelihood be the initial phase in reclaiming America.