While a lot of Hollywood has spent its political capital in the weeks since the decision attacking President-elect Donald Trump and stooping over active President Barack Obama, performing artist Nicole Kidman has taken an alternate — and unquestionably unforeseen — tack.

Amid a meeting this week with BBC News, the “Lion” star, who noticed that she tries to avoid putting forth political expressions, said it’s simply time to proceed onward and get on load up.

“I simply say he’s currently chosen,” Kidman, an Australian local with double citizenship in the U.S., told BBC. “We as a nation need to help whosever the president, since that is the thing that the nation depends on. Furthermore, however that happened, he’s there and we should go.”

Rather than saying something regarding a specific hopeful, similar to her Tinseltown neighbors are inclined to do, the Academy Award champ said she minds significantly more in regards to particular issues, not specific individuals.

“I’m generally hesitant to begin remarking politically. I’ve never done it as far as America or Australia. I’m issue-based,” Kidman said. “[F]or me, I’m extremely dedicated to ladies’ issues.”

Kidman is likewise a goodwill minister for United Nations Women. “I do a considerable measure of raising support for U.N. Ladies, and I do a considerable measure of going for them,” she told the news outlet.

“I additionally do a tremendous measure of gathering pledges for bosom and ovarian growth, since that is something that is influenced my family profoundly,” she proceeded. “So they’re my issues that I’m extremely joined to.”

With respect to Australian legislative issues, her nation of origin has been involved in a fight over sanctioning gay marriage. Amid the sit-down with BBC, Kidman said she bolsters the legitimization of gay marriage in her nation of origin, telling the correspondent, “I put stock in permitting individuals who adore each other to share their lives together.”

“I truly trust that we should remain out of individuals’ business with that,” she included. “I adore when individuals cherish each other.”