Navy SEALs Send POWERFUL Message to Trump, Leaving Obama FURIOUS

The mortifications simply keep heaping up for Barack Obama.

Maybe he ought to have given careful consideration to our overcome men and ladies in uniform. At that point, possibly he, as well, would have won their acclaim and genuine reliability.

Not as much as a month in office, and President Trump is as of now a standout amongst the most dearest presidents in US history.

That was exhibited once more when a SEAL guard was spotted driving on a thruway in Kentucky flying a TRUMP FLAG!


Our military men and ladies NEVER accomplished something like this for Obama.

Nor is this sort of overflowing of affection and support for Trump by any methods uncommon.

One US military man composed on Twitter:

“A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump banner is not “news.” Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican and LOVE Trump.”

Liberals can cry all they need, however they overlook that it really is ideal for our military to feel love and unwaveringness toward their president.