Muslim Police Chief Refuses To Salute Flag During Pledge Of Allegiance…

As indicated by reports, Police President Javier Ortiz was uncommonly furious when he saw associate head of police Anita Najiy declining to put her hand over her heart amid the vow.

“In case you’re not promising fidelity to the United States, my inquiry is the thing that nation are you swearing dependability to?” Ortiz asked of the Miami New Times. “Any individual who isn’t insulted by that is not American, since when you turn into a U.S. native, you promise steadfastness to the U.S.”

Oritz went ahead to guarantee that Najiy had additionally neglected to show the best possible behavior that “must be practiced when wearing a law implementation uniform.”

A few watchers presume that Najiy’s refusal likely needs to do with the way that she is Muslim.

What do you think? Should all American police have fidelity to America?