Muslims are the quickest developing religious gathering on the planet. The development and territorial movement of Muslims, joined with the continuous effect of the Islamic State (otherwise called ISIS or ISIL) and other fanatic gatherings that submit demonstrations of brutality for the sake of Islam, have conveyed Muslims and the Islamic confidence to the bleeding edge of the political open deliberation in numerous nations. However numerous realities about Muslims are not outstanding in some of these spots, and most Americans – who live in a nation with a generally little Muslim populace – say they know pretty much nothing or nothing about Islam.

Here are answers to some key inquiries regarding Muslims, ordered from a few Pew Research Center reports distributed as of late:

What number of Muslims are there? Where do they live?

There were 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet starting at 2010 – approximately 23% of the worldwide populace – as per a Pew Research Center gauge. Yet, while Islam is at present the world’s second-biggest religion (after Christianity), it is the quickest developing significant religion. Without a doubt, if current statistic patterns proceed with, the quantity of Muslims is relied upon to surpass the quantity of Christians before this current century’s over.

Albeit numerous nations in the Middle East-North Africa district, where the religion started in the seventh century, are intensely Muslim, the locale is home to just around 20% of the world’s Muslims. A larger part of the Muslims comprehensively (62%) live in the Asia-Pacific area, incorporating expansive populaces in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Turkey.

Indonesia is as of now the nation with the world’s biggest Muslim populace, yet Pew Research Center tasks that India will have that refinement by the year 2050 (while remaining a lion’s share Hindu nation), with more than 300 million Muslims.

The Muslim populace in Europe likewise is developing; we anticipate 10% of all Europeans will be Muslims by 2050.

What number of Muslims are there in the United States?

In 2015, as indicated by our best gauge, there were 3.3 million Muslims of any age in the U.S., or around 1% of the U.S. populace. Seat Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study (directed in English and Spanish) found that 0.9% of U.S. grown-ups distinguish as Muslims. A 2011 overview of Muslim Americans, which was directed in English and additionally Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, evaluated that there were 1.8 million Muslim grown-ups (and 2.75 million Muslims of any age) in the nation. That overview additionally found that a larger part of U.S. Muslims (63%) are workers.

Our statistic projections evaluate that Muslims will make up 2.1% of the U.S. populace by the year 2050, outperforming individuals who recognize as Jewish on the premise of religion as the second-biggest confidence amass in the nation (excluding individuals who say they have no religion).

A current Pew Research Center report evaluated that the Muslim offer of workers allowed changeless residency status (green cards) expanded from around 5% out of 1992 to approximately 10% of every 2012, speaking to around 100,000 foreigners in that year.