Muslim Leader Goes On Live TV And Admits That Muslims Want To War Against U.S. Would You Support Trump If He Deport All Of Them?

Numerous liberals lecture Islam as a religion of peace. Notwithstanding, the information would not show that.

Many individuals that have quit honing Islam have effectively talked against it. In any case, many individuals neglect to accept what is before their eyes.

An Imam from London went live on TV and really disclosed that in spite of prevalent thinking, Islam does not mean peace.

In the wake of watching that, you were presumably pondering, why are individuals still stunned about hearing these things, well, a great many people really think Islam is a religion of peace. It spreads sexism and is against human rights, it is a major issue that must be handled.

At the point when a liberal stands up to you with such realities, you should simply guide them toward this confirmation.

Offer to get the message out and illuminate individuals about the genuine idea of Islam.