Marla Maples swore if Donald Trump ran for President, she’d take him down. Now it appears she has.



Marla Maples, the second of Donald Trump’s three wives, publicly insisted that if he ran for President she’d find a way to take him down before he ever got anywhere near the White House. .

Remarkably, she made that threat seventeen years ago, the first time Trump was flirting with the idea of entering the race. Now, all these years later, it appears Maples has finally found a way to make good on her promise by sticking a dagger in the heart of Donald’s 2016 campaign.

 Rumors and speculation are flying as to just who leaked Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns to the New York Times this week, which reveal that he took a highly questionable nearly billion dollar personal write-off that year in order to set himself up to not have to pay taxes for most of the rest of his life. But there’s only one person who logically fits the description. Marla Maples was married to Trump in the nineties and had first hand access to their tax documents from that era, but nothing since, making her just about the only person on earth in a position to leak his 1995 returns but nothing from recent years. And she has an obvious axe to grind because, well, she told us she does.“If he is really serious about being president and runs in the general election next year, I will not be silent,” Marla Maples said all those years ago about her ex husband. “I will feel it is my duty as an American citizen to tell the people what he is really like.” She’s been strangely quiet during the 2016 election, perhaps because Trump threatened to ruin her financially back in 1999 if she did blab about his true nature. But it appears she may have finally found a way to get around it.

After all, even if Maples is revealed as the source, then all she did was leak her own tax returns, which just happened to have been filed jointly with Trump. She seems to be flaunting it, too. Hours after the New York Times published the tax documents, she tweeted a picture of orange pumpkins, as if to suggest she’d finally succeeded in turning her orange faced ex husband into one.