LEAK – Secret Audio Reveals Hillary’s TRUE Plan for Gun Owners and the 2nd Amendment


Every gun owner in the country needs to listen to THIS if they want to hear Hillary’s REAL plan for gun owners and the Second Amendment. This nut wants to put our constitution into the shredder… and she will if she wins this election!

A recent audio recording of Clinton speaking at a private fundraiser was published by theWashington Free Beacon that has Hillary Clinton promising to launch a massive and far-reaching attack on the Second Amendment should she become president of the United States. In the audio, Clinton not only rails against the National Rifle Association, but she arrogantly decrees that the United States Supreme Court is “wrong on the Second Amendment.

Where all things constitutional are concerned including the Second Amendment, the United States Supreme Court is the arbiter of what is constitutional and what is not. Clinton’s notion that its stance on the Second Amendment is wrong exposes the fact that she holds the U.S. Constitution to be a flawed document, just as Barack Obama does.

 As with everything that exposes her true agenda, Clinton made her remarks to high-value, big-money donors. She knows she could never say these draconian things from a public stage where she simply panders for votes. To expose her anti-Second Amendment stance would be to alienate some all-important undecided voters.

In her remarks, Clinton declared she would not only aggressively advocate for a permanent “assault weapons” ban, but she would also challenge the Supreme Court on other rulings including The District of Columbia v. Heller.

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