Latino Trump Supporter To Run Against Maxine Waters

Presently she has a Republican challenger for the following race named Omar Navarro.

He’s a Latino and a Trump supporter-

Here’s a public statement from his site:

Republican Omar Navarro On The Campaign To Unseat Maxine Waters Torrance, CA – Omar Navarro the Republican challenger to Maxine Waters for Congressional Seat of the 43rd District was on the cutting edges in the City of Cudahy’s offered to be viewed as an asylum city.

He proceeds with his battle to unseat “vocation government official” Maxine Waters. Omar arrangements to assemble and follow in the strides of his companion and associate, Jack M Guerrero, who was triumphant March seventh in his offer for city chamber in the City of Cudahy.

I trust you can hold fast, even while spread by degenerate rivals, and keep running for office in a city with a high enrollment of Democrats and win as a Republican.”The County Democratic machine has to a greater degree motivation to perceive any reason why they are not important in Los Angeles any longer.”

On February 28th Omar, a Latino Trump Supporter, was himself assaulted, hollered at through a bullhorn and called a “foreigner saltine” by dissenters at a Cudahy Town Hall calling for Cudahy to be a Sanctuary City.