Burning: Pictured is the Baitul Futuh in Morden, South London, which is the biggest in western Europe

Seventy firefighters in south London are engaging a colossal blast which overwhelmed western Europe’s biggest mosque.

Ten fire motors were dispatched to manage the fire at the Baitful Futuh mosque in Morden, which began consuming around early afternoon.

A man has been taken to healing facility for smoke inward breath, however group pioneers have said they don’t trust any other person was influenced. The reason for the burst is not yet known.

Before: The Baitul Futuh can be seen here in a document photograph from 2003. One man got up to speed in the blast is healing facility with smoke inward breath

Stunned spectators accumulated inverse the mosque, viewing a dull tuft of smoke surging out of the building’s rooftop before they were introduced a police cordon. The fire was accounted for by an individual from people in general soon after early afternoon.

The gigantic building sits on a 5.2acre site and can hold 10,500 individuals. At the season of the fire, be that as it may, just a modest bunch of admirers were inside, and were immediately cleared. No one was at petition when the fire broke out.

The tremendous push to control the fire included the police, emergency vehicle administrations and the vast fire unit nearness. The firefighting operation close down the A24 and activity was followed back for miles therefore.

Starting at 6pm, the London Fire Brigade said they had contained the fire to authoritative structures and lobbies around the primary mosque, which was not straightforwardly influenced by the fire – however it was overwhelmed by smoke. Right away a while later they proclaimed the fire ‘under control’.