Kaepernick Threatens To Move To Cuba After Retirement “If Our Country’s Is Still Under The Same Dictator”


Colin Kaepernick attempted to clarify his earlier comments about Fidel Castro after the 49ers loss to the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday. Kaepernick actually praised Castro in a testy pre-game conference call with the Miami media.

Specifically, Kaepernick claimed that Cuba had the highest “literacy” rate and explained that unlike the U.S., the island nation had “invested more in their education system than they do in their prison system.” During the post-game press conference on Sunday, he argued, “I said I support the investment in education, I never said I support the oppressive things he [Castro] did.”

He continued, however, by saying that the situation in the U.S. today is “not too different” from the situation in Cuba during Castro’s rule. “And we’re ones to talk about dictators and oppression,” he argued. “Look at the state of our country today. We’re supposed to be the leaders of the free world, the first country of the first world, the ones who lead by example and fight for what’s right. Instead, we just elected a man who’s the same as Castro in all things, except one – he’s got tons more money than him and he’s not afraid to use it to buy himself the greatest country in the world. We sold the presidency and now we think we have the right to lecture someone else about it? Come on.”

The quarterback also added that even the manner in which both Donald Trump and Fidel Castro came to power is “basically two sides of the same coin.” “Because, you’ve got Castro, who’s a man who started a revolution and became president and a leader by force. Then, on the other hand, you’ve got Donald Trump, who’s a man who didn’t start a revolution, but the only reason he didn’t do that is he found another way to become president. And that’s money. In all fairness – why would anyone in their right mind risk their life when they can risk a ton of paper instead? Very smart on his end, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they were both dictators. The only difference is – Castro actually got a few things right with Cuba. Trump? Not likely to happen,” Kaepernick opined.

“In fact, the only good thing about this whole situation is the fact that Castro is dead and that Cubans will be able to have at least a couple of breaths of fresh air before the big players like his majesty emperor Trump swoops in and buys whatever there is to buy there,” he continued. “I give them 5 years of post-Castro freedom tops. After that, it’ll be like Fidel never existed. In the meantime, everything Barack Obama worked so hard to build in this country will be destroyed and we’ll be back to square one, as a nation and as a culture. Because, in case y’all white people didn’t know – that’s what happens when you’re ignorant enough to elect a dictator for president. At least the Cubans had no say in who ended up being theirs.”

“As a matter of fact, when I retire, I’m going to move to Cuba permanently if Donald Trump is still president at the time. There’s just no point in trying to explain to y’all that what you’re doing is wrong and that what Donald Trump is doing is also very wrong. So, I give up. If the United States is still under a dictator by the time I’m finished with my professional career, I’m permanently relocating to Cuba. At least they’ll be having some fun now that their dictator is gone,” Kaepernick promised.


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