Jeb Bush Betrays America With Shocking Statement, Trump Is Furious!

Jeb Bush Is a week man, sorrow man, bitter man, bad man. He is pathetic! Ted Cruz is the same.


After losing to Trump, both of them had no balls to be a man and to rise to the challenge of beating Hillary.

Look what are they doing now, this is a total disgrace.

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During the Democrat National Convention, the Khan family took to the stage to give a speech about their son who had died while serving in Iraq.

The father of the fallen soldier, Khizr Khan, spoke to the audience and used his podium to launch a harsh attack against Donald Trump’s ban on unvetted Muslims migrating to the United States from terrorist-infested countries.

He made an argument that Trump’s policy would have prevented his son from fighting to defend America.

Trump rightfully hit back at the man for attacking him personally.

He even hinted that Khizr’s wife, Ghazala Khan, wasn’t allowed to speak during the event.

Ghazala later explained she didn’t talk because she was grieving.

Of course, the liberal mainstream media quickly pounced and piled on — attacking Trump’s comments, trying to write the narrative that Trump had no right to defend himself.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign also joined her allies in the mainstream media, launching an all-out smear campaign against Trump.
Some members of the Republican party have come to Trump’s defense, such as Senator Jeff Sessions, who attempted to clarify Trump’s remarks and policy during the midst of the media onslaught.

But other establishment members of the Republican party have either gone silent or joined forces with Hillary’s attack-dogs in the press.

Former Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the Republican primary election after suffering a devastating loss to Trump, decided to side with Hillary Clinton and use her attacks against Trump as well.

The ex-Florida governor tweeted, “This is so incredibly disrespectful of a family that endured the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” which linked a story written by the liberal New York Times.

Of course, Jeb Bush’s comments aren’t surprising, as he has refused to endorse Trump’s campaign — breaking his own pledge to Republican voters that he’d back the Republican nominee.

The liberal mainstream media has twisted Trump’s comments as an attack on the Khan family, instead of acknowledging the fact that Mr. Khan willfully entered the political arena at the DNC and specifically targeted Trump with harsh attacks.

The media’s distortion of events proves how they have worked to undermine the Trump campaign and prop-up Hillary Clinton in this hotly contested election.

Not surprisingly, Jeb Bush has betrayed the Republican party and America and is actively helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign with his attack on Donald Trump.

In a statement released by the Trump campaign, Donald Trump called Humayun Khan, the fallen soldier and son of the Khan family, a “hero” for serving his country.
The mainstream media has neglected to report on Trump’s show of respect for Humayun just as much as they’ve focused on misconstruing the spat between Mr. Khan and the Trump campaign.

Khizr Khan has hit back at Trump following his statement, accusing Trump of having “a black soul” and being “a person without a soul.”
Needless to say, when you enter the arena of presidential politics and launch attacks against one candidate to help the other, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re also attacked.

It’s the name of the game.

Someone ought to explain that to the Khan family and the mainstream media.

But it’s highly doubtful they would care and it’s probably safe to say they know exactly what they’re doing.

Thankfully Jeb’s son gave support to Trump these days, but that is not enough. Florida is very important state in the elections, and it will be great of Jeb, Ted and John Kasich forget about them and work hard to beat Hillary, this is much more than them, this is about America, wake up people, America needs you!

The public is watching and, if god forbid Trump lose in November, fingers are going to be pointed at Jeb, Ted and John Kasich.

That was exactly what Sean Hannity said in one of his radio shows before few days: