HILLARY JUST SCREWED AMERICA! You Gotta See What She Won’t Release Until AFTER Elections !!

Hillary Clinton simply announced that she’ll NOT reveal who she met with while she was Secretary of State until following the elections are over!

A federal judge ordered Clinton release a most of her timetables as Secretary of State to the general public by December 30th.


Obviously, though, if your last name is Clinton laws mean nothing at all to you.
Her campaign instantly released half of these but said it would have a couple of months to finalize the other half.!
This all came following the Associate Press revealed that of 154 persons Clinton met while in office, 85 were donors to the tune of a collective $156 million.

She actually had the nerve to declare that there’s still no connection.

When there is no connection, RELEASE YOUR DATA!

My guess is that some unfortunate staffer will accidentally delete all of them then talk with an untimely death, popular Hillary Clinton style.

But we can still allow world be aware of how corrupt she actually is and that she IS hiding something by permitting them to see THIS! Even a liberal can’t deny that something is quite fishy here…

Source: http://www.usarelated.com/