Hillary Clinton Compares Herself to Wonder Woman Without Even Seeing Movie…The Response From Warner Brothers Is HILARIOUS!

Hillary Clinton will apparently do pretty much anything to recover the spotlight.

She as of now had the spotlight amid a 95-second recorded video message to the Women in Film Crystal Award. In any case, that wasn’t sufficient.

Hillary required the country to sit up and pay heed to her.

So she made the sort of extraordinary comment that lone Hillary Clinton would believe is proper of somebody who needs to be our country’s pioneer.

She contrasted herself with Wonder Woman.

In spite of confessing to not having seen the new blockbuster superhuman flick, Clinton said she could absolutely identify with the main character.

“Presently I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, yet I’m going to… something discloses to me that a film about a solid, capable lady battling to spare the world from an enormous universal fiasco is up my back street.”

Great master. Is this lady without a doubt?

One gathering that was entirely disinterested by Hillary’s trick was Warner Brothers, which delivered “Ponder Woman.”

A rep for the organization told Heatstreet:

“It’s awesome that Hillary Clinton will see the film yet her comments aren’t especially useful and our reputation group positively won’t be spreading them about. Ponder Woman needn’t bother with Hillary Clinton’s underwriting… ”

Also, that, women and men of honor, is the thing that you call a consume.