THIS IS IT! What This Harvard Democrat Just Said Will Make Trump’s Jaw Drop

Democrats and Harvard legal counselor, Alan Dershowitz said something on Tuesday that will make Democrats heads detonate. He said that sitting presidents can’t be “arraigned, indicted, or attempted while serving in office.” Here is the colossal meeting underneath.

The Harvard legal counselor said that President Trump has not perpetrated any wrongdoing. He can’t be charged unless he has been expelled from office.

The Washington Post detailed that Unique Advice Robert Mueller is being explored for obstacle of equity. These reports negate this. Mueller has not chosen whether to research the president.

“The president would be committing a horrible error by getting into the weeds of belligerence the actualities as opposed to adhering to the reasonable established issues,” Dershowitz said.

The Democrats have nothing. They are losing all over the place. They are obstructing making this nation awesome once more.

Offer this all over the place in the event that you remain by Trump and are pleased to remain behind him on the grounds that the Democrats have no case.

They possess the media, yet they can’t present a strong defense.