The Fattest Child In The World Who Could Not Walk Is Back To School

fattest child

The fattest child in the world finally managed to return to school, because due to overweight it was unable to walk.

fattest child

10-year-old Arja Permana from Indonesia has undergone a strict diet by his mother after exceeded 200 kg.

The child was so fat that most of the day passed in lying in bed because he could not walk, he cannot sit or play more than 10 minutes, and because of that he has to leave school.

Constantly hungry child consumed more than five servings a day which consisted of rice, fish, beef and soya – enough to feed two adults. His growth so much worried his parents, so they have to put him on a strict diet hoping to stop fattening.

fat kid 3

But the advice of professionals, new and healthier diet combined with a strict workout regimen helped weaken the child five kilograms in a few weeks. Now he can not only sit, but to go to school and play with their classmates.

“It’s amazing! I’m happy!” said  Arja. “I cannot express my happiness in words. It’s that good feeling again I was back at school. They all love me here. Teachers refer nice to me, I met many new friends and they are all very good to me. I also play with them and it’s very very fun. ”

Now Arja continue to eat healthy, go for six minutes every few hours, lifts weights and swims every day.

fattest child

Dr Nia Nantia, woman who told him the diet, also Arija’s teacher said: “We designed diet and activity program for him. We recommend it to his family a month ago. We reduced his diet and increased their physical activity and also regulate the way of sleep. ”

fat kid 5

Arja parents now hope that their son would be able to return to normal, healthy weight.