Eric Trump: ‘The People Of This Country Love My Father’

Eric Trump joined Sean Hannity on the Fox News host’s Monday night program and mourned Republicans who “don’t battle” for his dad, particularly considering President Donald Trump’s colossal notoriety.

“I need some person to begin battling for him,” Trump said of the president. “What amount of weight does he need to convey independent from anyone else? My dad has the voice of this nation. The general population of this nation cherish him. Is there any valid reason why [republicans] wouldn’t get in line?”

A month ago, surveys demonstrated that President Trump’s endorsement appraisals were at memorable lows about a half year into office.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey found that lone 36 percent of Americans favor of Trump’s occupation execution as president. A Bloomberg survey found that Trump had a 40 percent endorsement rating.

Contrasted and past presidents, Trump’s endorsement rating was the least half year endorsement rating going back 70 years. President Barack Obama had a 59 percent endorsement rating a half year into his initially term.