Donald Trump must arrest Soros, Obama and Hillary immediately, Otherwise there will be a problem with the government

This is people’s choice and it’s nothing but true!!!

One of the decisions our President needs to make is to arrest George Soros, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, just to show to other traitors that this is real. The new system is real All of them are guilty for wire tapping and Sedition and also Treason. These are enough of charges to put them in jail a long long time.

Our President claims that we need to be rational, wee mustn’t be naïve, or led by the mass media. We can’t be ideological and unrealistic. Of course he is familiar that the FED is extremely powerful. Somehow they always seem to get away with the problems, and their randomly picked candidate has always made it to become their Potus Puppet, but that was enough.

Now, they are dealing with someone who will change the bad deal between the Americans and the Bankers. Of course it will not be easy but hey, that’s why Trump has us. We will support him unconditionally. Our prayers goes to him. He needs us now more than ever. We need to help him MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for our own good and well. We need to help him protect us, our interests, and the interests of the private central banks of the world.

Americans couldn’t be happier and luckier that they got a President  like Donald Trump. He is a real American, he loves his country, he will stand with us even if all of the others are against us. He doesn’t use the word CAN’T. Simply, it’s not in his vocabulary. That’s why we need to tell him. Mr. President, we stand with You. We stand with Your darling Family, and we will continue to support you not only in these 8 years but for our whole lives.

Our everyday prayers goes to you. To your family. God Bless you. Please continue to do your job just like you did before. The best. Because you are the best. Finally the truth about fake medias is coming out. So people will see that all the lies that are told about you are just written from people that wish bad things to happen to others, from people that hate America. And anyone  who hates America hates us, hates You. We won’t let that happen. We stand strongly with you. And we will continue to do that. Just know that you’re not alone in this. You have Your beautiful Family, and you have your people, us, that loves you and will continue to support you no matter what.

Share this if you share the same opinion as we do. Share this if you are a true American patriot. Share this so our President will make sure that he is not alone. Let’s make those fake medias about President Donald Trump stop once and for all times.