Dolly Parton Needs Our Prayers!

We are asking and sharing our sympathies, after acclaimed nation legend Dolly Parton said farewell to her previous chief and dear companion Don Warden. He was 87 years of age.

Dolly Parton tweeted the dismal declaration, and made her fans cry with this terrible message: “An immense bit of my life is no more. Rest in peace Don and know for beyond any doubt that I will dependably adore you.”

Please pray:

Parton shared more insights about the loss of her dear companion:

“I’ve known and loved Don Warden since I joined The Porter Wagoner Show in 1967. He was like a father, a brother, a partner and one of my best friends. I feel like a piece of my heart is missing today. Certainly a huge piece of my life is gone. Rest in peace Don and know for sure that I will always love you.”

Furthermore, as Parton partook in her 1994 auto-history:

“Anybody who knows him – and he knows everybody – looks up to him. At one time there was even a T-shirt being sold around Nashville that read ‘I KNOW DON WARDEN.’ People are still calling me and asking, ‘How can I get one of those Don Warden T-shirts?’ Sometimes it feels like people are only using me to get to Don.”

Wear was a piece of the Porter’s trio, then joined the Opry with the nation legend before beginning The Porter Wagoner Show in 1954. A short time later, he turned into her administrator. He was additionally well known for playing the steel guitar with different popular follows up on the Louisiana Hayride TV appear.

Give us a chance to appeal to God for Dolly Parton and the Warden family amid this troublesome time. Rest in peace.