Should Comey And Lynch Be Impeached For Whitewashing Hillary’s Crimes



Loretta Lynch and James Comey not only gave immunity to Hillary’s closest co-conspirators Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson who, despite being attorneys, destroyed evidence right and left but, in a secret side deal, agreed to limit the FBI’s review of the Clinton team laptops to pre January 2015 and to destroy the laptops when the FBI review was complete.

This startling revelation comes from Observer Politics who say,

Congress and every law-abiding citizen in this country should be outraged. This blatant destruction of evidence is obstruction of justice itself.

We no longer have a Department of Justice: We have a Department of Obstructing and Corrupting Justice to protect the power elite of the chosen side.

The Observer’s full story leaves no-one in doubt that Comey and Lynch have taken part in a huge miscarriage of justice.

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