EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Has A Lot To Hide [VIDEO]

clinton lie

When asked about her motivation to use a private email, Hillary Clinton repeatedly echoed her focus-grouped answer: convenience, convenience, convenience.

This begs a couple questions. Was it convenient to set up a private server in the basement of her house? Was it convenient to have 13 personal cell phones? Most people would find these contortions decidedly inconvenient.

The answer is that she did NOT do it for convenience. An FBI report revealed that Secretary. Clinton used private email to CONCEAL PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Perhaps she was trying to conceal her foreign policy partiality to major contributors to the Clinton Foundation. Whatever the reason, her use of a private email account was not merely an unconscious blunder, as the word convenience implies.

Hillary Clinton tried to hide something from the American People. The question now is, will we let her get away with it?



source : lyingcrookedhillary.com