Try not to give Melania A chance to trump trick you, she’s similarly as awful as whatever is left of the Trump bundle. Have you ever in your life seen a First Lady do as close to nothing? Melania has no aim of helping Americans or battling for a reason. She’s as of now abandoned battling against cyberbullying.

Melania trusts she is the ruler in the Trump “government.” A Fox News survey revealed America’s actual sentiments about Melania, and she unquestionably is no match for previous First Lady Michelle Obama, who had a noteworthy effect in our awesome country.

In April 2009, Michelle Obama had a 73 percent endorsement rating, which is fundamentally 100% if the greater part of the moronic Americans get sifted through. Melania managed to score a 51% endorsement rating, primarily because of the way that she needs to manage Trump each day of her life.

She prevailed upon an expansive number of Americans when she openly swatted Donald’s hand away not once but rather twice amid their first excursion abroad outing as president and First Lady.

Here’s the issue, however. Later in the excursion, she was seen wearing an architect coat worth a huge number of dollars. All of a sudden, Trump was the most astounding man on the planet. She’s a trophy spouse who wedded Trump for his wealth and nothing more — well, perhaps citizenship.