BUSTED! Hillary Campaign Caught Inserting Fake Audiences At Fake Campaign Rallies With Computer Animation! [VIDEO]

Democrats are the best when campaigning is to be done, but governing is hell for them, or at least for us when they are in charged.

They are great in PR wars, in creating false narrative, they are masters in propaganda and manipulation, look that they did here.

According to Viral Liberty:

” Hillary Clinton allegedly suffers from a variety of health problems such as “seizures” and since flashbulbs from cameras can trigger such seizures, it appears the Hillary campaign is now using PHONY AUDIENCES inserted by “green screen” to protect Hillary from (another) public seizure!

The video below from her “rally” in Reno, Nevada on August 25, is twelve minutes but it is worth watching every second. It shows the green screen insertion point – a black line across the “set” – and also shows cellphones from within the “crowd” which are taking video of . . . . nothing. No Hillary. No flags. No cheering crowd! It’s all FAKE!

Hillary Clinton is too physically ill to be President. Her track record throughout her life proves she is too dishonest to be President. Don’t be fooled into electing someone who is so fraught with trouble. “

We are not going to let them rig the elections! So all of this Truman Show that is going on now is not going to save Hillary, this is just buying some time, she can go like this for some time but the election day is near and near and the brutal reality is going to hit her hard in her face.

We are going to have Trump – Pence in the White House, the people already decided!

Source: http://www.usadailyinfo.com/

2 thoughts on “BUSTED! Hillary Campaign Caught Inserting Fake Audiences At Fake Campaign Rallies With Computer Animation! [VIDEO]

  1. Donald Wrote the book , The Art of the Deal, read it many years ago when it was released, used much of the advice in my 35 years of business. The only book Hillary could right would be titled, The Art of Deception, and you really don’t have to read it, you are born with that ability or not.
    Tony Castronovo

  2. Is it possible the guy with the cell phone running a video of an empty room on his cell phone? Go Trump!

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