BREAKING: The US Army Just DECLARED WAR…On Hillary Clinton! She is Going DOWN!


The US Military knows exactly how dangerous Hillary Clinton and that’s why they are secretly waging a war against her!


NBC News managed to uncover this story and then bury it because they knew how much it could hurt Hillary’s chances.

A slide used in a US Army training program in Missouri had Hillary Clinton listed as an insider threat.


She was listed alongside other threats like:

– Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood Shooter
– Bradley Manning, Data Thief
– Edward Snowden, Data Thief
– Aaron Alexis, Washington Navy Yard Shooter
– David Petraeus, Gave confidential files to reporter in return for sexual favors

They seem exactly like Hillary Clinton’s kind of people, don’t they?

The biggest difference is that she has committed more murders and compromised more classified information in her career than all of them combined.

Of course, now the Army has removed the slide and is claiming that it does not reflect how the Military feels about Hillary Clinton.

Uhhhh…I call BS! Talk to ANY soldier or vet and you will see how our military REALLY feels about the Clintons.

If you want to help embarrass Hillary even more, then share this to anyone and everyone you know. We will humiliate her together!