BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Just Added A High Ranking REPUBLICAN To His ‘Hostile Witness’ List

After pictures of Paul Ryan meeting with previous President Barack Obama surfaced hours after the Republican social insurance bill was articulated dead on the table in the House of Representatives, Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) approached him to answer a few inquiries confidentially. As indicated by Gowdy’s top helper, Mandy Gonsales, Ryan was not as much as ready to participate:

“He instructed me to tell Mr. Gowdy to go f*ck himself. He said he’s the Speaker of the House and that he doesn’t reply to anybody.”

Gowdy didn’t take that news well. As opposed to go up against Ryan and get into some power battle, Gowdy rather reminded Ryan that he does, actually, reply to the American individuals and that the advisory group he seats, The House Committee On Investigations And Political Posturing, is the voice of those individuals. Gowdy might not have expert over Paul Ryan, but rather he can call him as a witness.

That, as well as Gowdy has added him to the board of trustees’ “threatening witness” list, which means he can flame broil him a tad bit harder on matters of national security. Since Ryan is associated with being a piece of Obama’s Deep State shadow government, his activities could be considered injustice.

Hearings will start next Wednesday.