Breaking: Outrageous New Poll Finds That The Larger Mass Is With Trump! DO YOU HAVE THE SAME OPINION AS THEM?

The mass media is craving for people to tell them that the larger mass of citizens of United States of America are not supporting the new president Donald Trump’s  governing orders.

Of course, that’s just one enormous lie. And as you can see from the former experiences this is not the first time for the mass media to try to fool the people into believing something that’s not true. There was a fresh poll on Fox News that displays that the bigger mass of American citizens do not identify President’s new governing order as a “Muslim Ban”

The poll makes a declaration that 56 % of the certified residents allowed the plan a “ Terrorist hot spot restriction”. On the other hand the other 37 % believe that the “Muslim Ban”  is acceptable.

Even though the majority of those who voted that they don’t believe the action was an endeavor to show prejudice on a religious base, the mass of People in the States do not approve the govern decision. 46% were upholding Donald’s January 27th  IMIGRATION decision, says the Washington Examiner.

1013 certified electors all across the country voted through the mass media ( cellphones, computers etc…) The census was administered by Anderson Robbins Research and also the Shaw& Company Research.  The analysis’ edge of fault was 3% marks for all certified electors.

The mass was always supporting Trump. And they were all real patriots, real Americans. And you don’t need to ask yourself if we are supporting our president or not. Of course we do, and of course we will support him in future. So just stop criticizing him and his choices and let him do what he does the best. Leading America. It is a huge thing that even though he barely started to lead the country he has the most of the people on his side. And they couldn’t be more right. Trump is the best thing America has!!!

Share this post so people will know that there are fake medias who would like you to believe in. Also, share this for our one and only PRESIDENT TRUMP. He will make America great again, and we will help him.