BREAKING Obama Rules, Trump Bombs Mosque Killing Isis’ Entire Iraqi Leadership

Obama’s old guidelines of Mosques being beyond reach is off the table. President Trump approved an air strike on a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, which has wiped out the whole staying Iraqi ISIS authority. This comes as the association falls all around itself.

the US Air Force discharged the names on Friday of the rest of the pioneers killed due to the airstrike on Al-Najjar Mosque in the northwestern piece of the city:

– Abu Khalid (Saudi national).

– Sabah al-‘Anzhi (Saudi national).

– Abu ‘Azzam (Saudi national).

– Abu Hijab (Saudi national).

– Abu Siyah (Jordanian national).

– Abu Taybah (Jordanian national).

– Abu Abdul-Rahman Al-Ansari (Saudi national, leader of Jund al-Khalifa, ISIS’ world class ambush troops).

In striking back, Under the pretense of poor climate, ISIS aggressors unleashed a gigantic counter-assault in private neighborhoods of western Mosul the accompanying day.According to a military source on the ground, upwards of nine ISIS suicide aircraft exploded close armed force positions held principally by the Iraqi Federal Police and Rapid Response Units.

The assault was repulsed however as the jihadists couldn’t clutch the areas seized following the ambush. The fear aggregate is quickly caving in, with the greater part of their Iraqi checkpoints vanishing overnight in ISIS region.