BREAKING: Obama Admin Caught Selling Chilling Weapon to Muslim Forces


If you thought President Barack Obama’s tenure had already been dangerous enough, you haven’t seen anything yet. With just a few months left in office, Obama seemed intent on ramping up his dangerous agenda while he still could.

The Obama administration has ignored the concerns of our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel, and has decided to sell fighter jets to Qatar and Kuwait.

Reuters reported that, according to four U.S.- and Gulf-based sources, the administration was set to sell $7 billion worth of Boeing Co. fighter jets to Qatar and Kuwait soon — lawmakers in the U.S. may be notified as soon as early next week.

The reason why this hasn’t taken place thus far? Israel has voiced very reasonable concerns that these weapons could be used against them. Yet the Obama administration once again very publicly thumbed its nose at our ally by ignoring its concerns.

U.S. policy is not to comment on the potential sale of defense weapons before the formal notification of Congress, according to a senior U.S. administration official, but he did comment on U.S. commitment to stability and security in the Gulf region:

“For decades, we have demonstrated this commitment through continual efforts to enhance our diplomatic relationships and build defense capacity across the region, particularly through promotion of security agreements, foreign military sales, exercises, training and exchanges.”

Boeing is reportedly pleased with the progress, and U.S. defense officials have reportedly been frustrated with the delays that they are concerned may cost billions of dollars in lost arms sales — because apparently that’s more important than the safety of a major ally and the ethics of selling weapons to state sponsors of terror like Qatar.

In December, Saudi Arabia announced a 34-state alliance, of which Qatar and Kuwait were members, whose mission was to fight the Islamic State Group as well as Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan.

Fighting terrorists in the Middle East is a critical goal, but if Israel is concerned about its safety that should also be a top priority.

Between deals like this and the Iran nuclear deal, as well as much of Obama’s policy throughout his presidency, the message coming from the administration is that it doesn’t particularly care about Israel’s safety — and that is absolutely shameful.