BREAKING: Morgan Freeman Risks His Entire Career To Back Trump In Heroic Way

Americans have been inudated with political statements from liberal celebrities at award in the past few weeks.

There were a lot of actors who have used their time in the spotlight to disrespect Donald Trump.

It all began with Meryl Streep, who spent her entire acceptence speach off on Tryump, and she continued this during the Grammys on Sunday.Morgan Freeman, one of the best actors and Academy winner, shocked Hollywood when he spoke out urging respect from Donald Trump.

After Donald Trump won the election, Freeman has changed his tune, because at the beginning, Freeman was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, recording voice-overs for a campaign ad for the former Seretary of State.

“I’m not scared,” he said in an interview with AARP. “I’m holding out hope that Donald Trump has to be a good president. He can’t not be. What I see is a guy who will not lose.”

What do you think about this? Do you applaud Freeman for giving Trump a chance?