BREAKING: If Hillary Exits Race, DNC Has Replacement

Since yesterday’s episode of near total collapse after a 9/11 memorial service, even the mainstream media and major figureheads on the Left cannot put off the issue of Hillary’s health any more.

If her health continues to deteriorate, or if somehow justice should come and sweep her away first, the Democratic National Committee has a replacement for the November ballot: sitting Vice President Joe Biden.

This is not the first time this idea has been floated. As I wrote back in May, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial stating that a President Biden would not be a half-bad idea.

According to Eric Zorn, a columnist at the Chicago Tribune, sitting Vice President Joe Biden may actually be a good choice to replace Hillary as the Democratic nominee in the event of an indictment.

Voters don’t hate Joe Biden, 73, the genial vice president who openly agonized last year before deciding not to put himself and his family through the rigors of a presidential bid in the wake of the 2015 death of his son after a battle with brain cancer.

Not most voters, anyway. In a nationwide poll conducted in March for Bloomberg Politics, only 35 percent of respondents had a negative view of Biden compared with 68 percent who had a negative view of Trump, 53 percent who viewed Clinton unfavorably and 41 percent with a negative impression of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who also is vying for the Democratic nomination.

Biden’s favorability rating in that same poll was 57 percent compared with 29 percent for Trump, 44 percent for Clinton and 52 percent for Sanders.

If Clinton’s email-related problems get worse or other developments sink her popularity far below even Trump’s, causing her to step aside, Biden, as a more establishment figure than Sanders, would be the party’s likely choice as a “slip-in” candidate and an almost certain winner against Trump.

Biden could be a better choice than Hillary for the Democrats, even in spite of his rather innumerable gaffes that have brought us quite a bit of embarrassment over the past few years.

If this is actually going to happen, if Hillary is going to be replaced, it won’t be with Bernie Sanders. It’s just not going to happen.

But the DNC won’t allow Bernie to get the nomination. Even the really big government progressives that chair the party know that Bernie’s radical populism would threaten their positions of power, and maybe even the governing system itself.

Bernie is no friend of freedom, but he would shake up the DNC if he became President, that’s for sure.

But there won’t be a Bernie presidency, that’s what super-delegates are for. If Hillary is indicted, the party’s super-delegates will likely cast their votes for someone else, possibly Joe Biden if he would be willing to recant his reluctance to run.

Zorn may be on to something here. Biden does have better favorability ratings than Bernie, and he doesn’t have any major scandals for which to scrutinize him, nor is he a radical left-wing populist.

So what’s Bernie doing now?

So which will it be that brings Hillary down: her health, or justice? Share your thoughts in the comments below.