BREAKING: FBI Just Revealed Who is REALLY Behind Manhattan Bombing, Trump was Right!


I knew it! The liberal media and politicians may keep denying that the attacks in New York last night were performed by Muslim terrorists, but we all know that’s a big load of BS.

Now a former FBI explosives expert has come forward with a shocking fact that PROVES that ISIS is behind it.

Agent Manny Gomez said

“It definitely seems like an improvised device that ISIS is putting out in their websites…some wires, putting nails in it, screws in it…gasoline and you have a bomb.”

But the revelation did not end there. According to Gomez, the explosives look almost IDENTICAL to the Boston Marathon Bombing. (H/T – Daily Mail)

Oh, and did I mention that the second explosive discovered had a note in ARABIC attached to it?

Still too early to call it a terror attack, Hillary? Maybe it was inspired by a YouTube video like Benghazi…EXCEPT NOT!

This is exactly what Donald Trump has been saying. ALL of these recent attacks were ISIS attacks. Yes, that includes San Bernardino and Orlando and Nashville and Paris.

***Hell, those bastards have killed nearly 2500 people this year alonenot including their military operations in the Middle East!

Wake up, America. This threat is real. If you really give 2 sh*ts about Women’s rights and Gay rights and all the other things that people pretend to care about, you cannot stay blind to Islamic terror!  (H/T – Wiki)

Their way of life can NEVER match ours. They value oppression and brutality. Please help spread this across Facebook and the rest of the internet so people can wake up before it’s too late.

The United States of America could become Sharia in the next 30 years!

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