Breaking! Ex-Apprentice Trump Accuser Was Paid $500,000 By Team Hillary To Fabricate Story


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Summer Zervos the Ex-Apprentice loser who claimed Donald Trump sexually assaulted her was bribed with $500,000 by lawyer Gloria Allred to fabricate the story. Allred is a Hillary Clinton collaborator and DNC Assosciate. According to an anonymous source this deal was reportedly shopped around to other ex-Apprentice contestants. reported: GotNews’ source tells us that Zervos’ sexual harassment accusation against Trump is a “completely fabricated hoax.”
Zervos was paid half a million dollars by Gloria Allred, which is being paid out “slowly over time” according to our source.

Zervos was a big league Trump supporter who converted her whole family to the Trump Train until she met Gloria Allred, as was reported before.

Money talks!

GotNews’ anonymous source tells us that Zervos’ family is aware of the transaction and angry about it, but does not want to be caught up in the news cycle.

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