BREAKING: Biker Club Violently Attacking Muslim Immigrants Today. How would You Respond?

In the past year, over a million of young uneducated refugees had passed the borders of Europe and Germany in need of work and existence, but yet, they have no work experience nor habit and definitely do not speak German language fluently.

Yet, they still manage to get a job and take a place of many many German people. And all that just because of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Europe is a big chaos.

Shortly after that, Germany had many regrets on this decision because of the sexual assaults that happened in the past year. So definitely it was a bad idea opening the border for this vandals.

The newest chaos are the multiple reports of German bikers club riding the streets of Germany, and attacking Muslim immigrants. Two of them, Pakistani males are taken to hospital and have been given hospital care. They claim that they were attacked by twenty German bikers.

Germany’s news paper The Cologne, claims that there were large parties of people attacking foreigners and refugees in Cologne and all of the cities around Germany.

Just for the past year there were over one thousand criminal complaints only from women who were sexually assaulted by Muslim asylum seekers. Germans believe that the number of attacks is even higher than that but many women do not dare to report those crimes.

The bikers claimed that they were defending all the women of Germany with that kind of act, they are “beating the living hell out of Muslim refugees” .

Share this so that can’t happen to American people and American Women. That’s why we support Trump, because he is protecting us – the people, and our country from all the people that are seeking for our peaceful living.