Ben Carson Uncovers MASSIVE HUD FRAUD Under the Obama Administration

Liberals called President Trump’s selection to run HUD “unqualified.” That’s right. For Leftists, a brain surgeon wasn’t qualified to understand housing.

Worse yet, we now learn that Obama’s HUD was completely inept.

The controller general (IG) for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uncovered for the current week that for three straight years, Obama’s HUD staff cooked the books. These dolts wouldn’t know an asset report from a fitted sheet.

HUD’s books are not doing so good that the IG can’t finish a review on their second attempt.

This is what occurred on the principal attempt:

As indicated by the IG report, after the principal survey, Obama staff members needed to rectify an astounding $520 billion in accounting blunders.

At the point when the IG stayed not able to issue an assessment for financial years 2015 or 2016, he gave Obama staff members a three-month expansion. In this manner, their relief permitted them to settle $3.4 billion in 2015 blunders and $516.4 billion in 2016 mistakes.

After HUD’s re-accommodation of printed material, 11 material shortcomings, seven noteworthy lacks, and five cases of inability to conform to laws and directions stayed uncertain.

The proceeded with issues “were because of a powerlessness to set up an agreeable control condition, actualize sufficient budgetary bookkeeping frameworks, hold key money related staff, and recognize proper bookkeeping standards and approaches,” the IG said.

On the off chance that the Obama group procured qualified staff, the uncertain issues underneath would as of now be settled:

HUD legal advisors over and again declining to sign an administration letter posting all HUD suit

HUD’s uncalled for bookkeeping techniques

Inability to effectively quantify resources and liabilities

Inconsistencies between general record and sub-record accounts

Absence of adequate support for a review of $4.2 billion in advance resources from Ginnie Mae’s money related explanations.

The Fix was straightforward. Obama’s HUD expected to “conform to sound accounting guidelines.”

Obama HUD FraudYet, Obama’s HUD attendant, Brian Sullivan said something else.

In December 2016 he guaranteed:

“HUD applies for the most part acknowledged bookkeeping norms,” notwithstanding the IG report that we don’t.

Amusingly, Senate Democrats raced to denounce Dr. Ben Carson, the previous neurosurgeon who President Trump tapped to be his new HUD Secretary. Assist, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) contended:

“I have genuine worries about Dr. Carson’s absence of aptitude and involvement in managing lodging issues. Somebody who is as hostile to government as him is a weird fit for Housing secretary, most definitely,” Schumer said in an announcement.

What’s more, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called Carson a “perturbing and exasperatingly unfit decision.”

As we say of Leftists, they blame you for what they are.

Dr. Ben Carson is without a doubt fit the bill to run HUD or whatever else in the legislature. Presently the recognized specialist should tidy up billions of dollars in messy bookkeeping left fixed by his antecedents.

Be that as it may, the genuine question might be, “The place’s the cash?”

In any case, you can wager that Dr. Carson and President Trump will take after the cash.