Assange To CNN: You Have 48 Hour Until WikiLeaks Destroys You With Bombshell Leak

2016 was an awesome year in political viewpoint – Trump won the decision, Hillary and the lying Democrats are off the House. Yet, 2017 is going to be far better as per WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. They did as such much in 2016-uncovered Clinton’s defilement and perhaps they were the primary reason that Hillary didn’t win.

The decision is over now, yet WikiLeaks and their battle for equity is far from that. Their first focus for 2017 is CNN. The standard Clinton based media is going to get sued by the WikiLeaks.

They are worn out on the disturbing conduct of the prevailing press and they debilitating to sue CNN now for their fiery comments.

YES! WikiLeaks has issued a 48 hour cautioning to CNN and in the event that they don’t withdraw all the fake news and fiery proclamations and recordings, they will indict the uber media company and sue them for criticism.

CNN apologized to him, yet they felt that an expression of remorse would be sufficient? Huge NO!

WikiLeaks additionally contended that they will uncover CNN outside of the court, as well, on the off chance that they keep on playing these diversions.

They’ve put CNN on notice and they have 48 hours to air a one hour extraordinary admitting to their falsehoods or they are in a bad position.

WikiLeaks can’t stop! They truly merit a major “Thank You” from every one of us, since they are battling the defilement, something that our authorities can’t or are reluctant to do!